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~ I have to accept the following things: I am not the kind of person who puts every photo into an album; unless the school bake sale is on a Monday, my kid is taking something bought in a store; AND I will just not finish an end of year writing round-up or meme of any sort. I have to let these things go. So, I don't know how many words I wrote this year (quite a few, I think), how many stories, how many pairings, or well, anything. What I do know is that writing has been hard this year because it was a helluva a year in many ways and my kid is no longer reliably asleep at 8:30. But, I kept writing. That is my year in review. :)

~ I do, however, have make some more progress on my master list and post, oh about six, fest and other fics here that I have left hanging. Those will be coming soon. I am quite pleased with a few of them, tbh, if only because they got written!

~ THANK YOU, THANK YOU J!!! So much fabulous!!! I have a conference to go to next week – one that scary people will be attending. I have to have a proper suit. I did not have a proper suit that fit me. I now have a proper, kick-ass, who-are-you-questioning-I-am-the-expert-suit THAT IS NOT TOO BIG!! *tackles* (better start Game On again soon, or it won't fit. :P)

~ I gave the kid a haircut the other day. You can tell. He says he likes it. He also likes ketchup on ice cream.

~ How's your 2011 going flist?


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