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Is anyone around tomorrow or the next day who'd be willing to give a fic a read through? It will already have had one beta, but it is long, so I'd love another pair of eyes. Can't say much, you know, anonymous fest. But it is looooonnnng and plotty and porny. Oh, and it's already late. :)
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Is anyone able to take a look at a fic for me? It's femmeslash, just over 2,000 words, and that's all I can say 'coz it's super secret.   
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1) Would anyone be willing to help me with my [community profile] hp_holidaygen fic? It's...well, I can't really say anything about it, can I? It's due on the 17th of November, but I would like to send it in on the 16th because I'm leaving town on the 17th (see item # 2).

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A couple of days ago, a women's organization in southern CA held a panel discussion with the wives of the major presidential candidates, hosted by non-other than CA's first lady, Maria Shriver (look here for more info, if you care or haven't seen this everywhere). Of course, Hilary wasn't represented in the discussion because, she, uh, doesn't have a wife. Both Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Obama kept slipping and calling their husbands their 'spouse.' They were quickly reminded that they were there as Wives, not spouses and happily continued the conversation. Also missing were Mrs. Giuliani and Mrs. Kucinich (now THAT might have added another dimension to the discussion). I wasn't sure whether to laugh or scream. So, I turned off the radio.

Katha Pollitt said it better than I can -  "...we need First Ladies: Without them, American women might actually believe that they are liberated..." (full article here) 

In other news...

I'm going to need some beta help soon. Would one of you lovely people be willing to look at one of two fics? One is the next installment in the series at [profile] nest_of_spiders and the other is for a fest and is, surprise, surprise, remus/sirius romance - hopefully with an interesting twist.

And now, back to the schmoopiness.
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I have an odd job. Or rather, I have a job that puts me in contact with odd people. 

 In other news, I will be in need of a beta in a couple of days. It's an r/s, probably about 5 or 6 thousand words, PG-13 to mild R. I have someone to do a first look for awkwardness and edit for grammar and such. I am looking for more general feedback and language issues. It will be a pretty quick turn around b/c it's a pinch-hit for a fest. I would much appreciate it if anyone has time.


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