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Not dead or even close, really. But it has been a helluva year and a half or maybe three. I know I haven't been gone that long, but it feels like it. I'm kind of emerging from a fog, at least I hope I'm emerging. Some things I have learned recently:

1) You all are awesome and [personal profile] gryffindorj has an extra side of wonderful. Thank you to her and all of you who participated in [profile] for_min. ♥ x 1,000.
2) I've missed being around here more regularly or at all. I've missed writing more and commenting and rec'ing and I hope to be back and stop having to apologize to mods as of…right now.
3) Cancer sucks and so does losing a parent and my family is actually crazier than I thought.
4) I could grow old and wither away waiting for the kid to get out of the car. Seriously. I have tried to wait him out, just see how long it would take if I don't prompt him, hurry him along, pull him out of the car. I have never, not once, been able to wait him out. I always lose it and say, "would you please get out of the car?!" I asked him the other day to guess how many days of my life I had spent waiting for him to get out of the car thus far and he said, "About four weeks. Hey, have you ever noticed how people who have cats tend to get more cats?"
5) I have not updated my masterlist or reposted fest fics here for about a year and a half. I shall get right on that…now.
6) Here's a song about a duck that really wants some grapes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtN1YnoL46Q

And some recs )
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Is "Scoprius" the sports version of a hybrid toyota? I've typed this enough times tonight that it must mean something.

Here's a conversation from my recent travels. This is the one that made me laugh inside. I shall spare you things the uncle to which I gladly claim no relation said, mostly because I don't want to see them in print:

sort of FIL: Did I ever tell you about the time I nearly got poisoned?
me: No (*please don't be an offensive story, please, please)
soFIL: *Goes on for a while about being on vacation with some friends, I drift off and then I snap back to attention and realize that he's now talking about eating a lot of pistachios...his face swelled up and his doctor friend was taking a nap*
me: So you're allergic to pistachios?
soFIL: Haven't had one since. It's not a big deal, I mean it's not as if I have to say I don't eat pork.

Hi Flist! I've been mostly not here and mostly not sane for the past three months, maybe more, right? I hope to be a little more sane and here now. I miss you. Oh, but first I have to write about 4,000 words tonight. K, see you later!
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Thing one: five million years ago I said I would write some porny femslash for [personal profile] magnetic_pole for no other reason than that she deserves it, and had a couple of birthdays. I finally did it, and it is over at Daily Deviant for my Feb posting. Maggie, I hope you enjoy it!

Pensioners' Passion, Ginny/Fleur, NC-17. 69 years after Voldemort's fall...

I tried for your other suggested pairing and came up with several ideas, none of which I could make work. Perhaps for your next birthday, 5 million years later. *hugs*

Thing Two: For anyone interested in a health and fitness game, I mod a community for such a thing. The community is called game_is_on. Many of you already participate, and if you don't, you've probably heard it mentioned around these parts, or seen a post for a few minutes when I posted one here instead of to the com by mistake...anyway, a new round is starting on March 9, and if you are interested, let me know. :)

Okay, back to writing late!fic...
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~ I have to accept the following things: I am not the kind of person who puts every photo into an album; unless the school bake sale is on a Monday, my kid is taking something bought in a store; AND I will just not finish an end of year writing round-up or meme of any sort. I have to let these things go. So, I don't know how many words I wrote this year (quite a few, I think), how many stories, how many pairings, or well, anything. What I do know is that writing has been hard this year because it was a helluva a year in many ways and my kid is no longer reliably asleep at 8:30. But, I kept writing. That is my year in review. :)

~ I do, however, have make some more progress on my master list and post, oh about six, fest and other fics here that I have left hanging. Those will be coming soon. I am quite pleased with a few of them, tbh, if only because they got written!

~ THANK YOU, THANK YOU J!!! So much fabulous!!! I have a conference to go to next week – one that scary people will be attending. I have to have a proper suit. I did not have a proper suit that fit me. I now have a proper, kick-ass, who-are-you-questioning-I-am-the-expert-suit THAT IS NOT TOO BIG!! *tackles* (better start Game On again soon, or it won't fit. :P)

~ I gave the kid a haircut the other day. You can tell. He says he likes it. He also likes ketchup on ice cream.

~ How's your 2011 going flist?
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1) I went out to run errands wearing my slippers this afternoon.

2) Conversation overheard between my son and his friend while the two boys are playing with their pokemon cards. Friend, "This says I'm in love. Why do I have to be in love? That sucks." Son, "You're in love? In your face! Ha ha." Friend, "I'll get out and it could be worse. At least I'm in love with you." Son, "That's true. Let's keep playing." I actually have no idea what any of this means.

3) [profile] midnitemaraud_r, [profile] red_sqaured, [profile] gryffindor_j, and I held a little birthday party for Remus the other night. Four fics, all Remus/Sirius. I highly recommend each of theirs. They are ranging in rating from PG-13 to NC-17, they are all funny, sweet, and sexy. You can find them HERE, along with mine (which is porn, because [profile] gryffindor_j told me to. It also has wall sex because once upon a time, [profile] gryffindor_j pointed out to me that I had never written R/S wall sex).

4) OMG, did you all check out Daily Deviant yesterday?? Well, this whole month—the community's birthday party. All the fics are remixes of previous DD works and it has been a pretty fabulous month. Yesterday was a banner day over there with two fabulous fics:

A Job With Benefits by [personal profile] woldy, rated R, is an absolutely charming, romantic, funny Hooch/Pomfrey. There is a lovely sex scene that will make you sigh. What I was most struck by with this one is that it is such a complete story in its just over 1,000 words. It won't take you long, and it will make you happy.

Betrayal is a Thorny Crown (You Wear It Well) by [personal profile] snegurochka_lee, rated NC-17, Teddy/James, is achey, hot, gripping, emotionally complex, and beautifully written. There is a scene where James confronts Teddy that made my breath catch. The tension is palpable. It follows wonderfully from the incredible original, Bruised Like a Cherry (Ripe as a Peach)—omg, so hot. A fabulous Victoire, wonderful supporting characters, and did I say HOT?? Really, go and read it.

5) [profile] midnitemaraud_r just informed me that the clocks turn back, turn ahead, whatever, it is LATER THAN I THOUGHT, tonight. Damn. :P
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Hiya everyone. I've been scarce around these parts lately because of the busy, busy, busy. Also have been trying to get a little more sleep--thought I might improve my brain function.

[personal profile] magnetic_pole wrote me an absolutely lovely ficlet. It is Remus and Sirius for the prompt, "friendship." It is subtle and sweet and gentle and totally captures the dynamic of them communicating perfectly with each other through basically just knowing and caring about each other so well. Go and read it and leave her a comment. It is called Do You Remember Alan Mackenzie

I am slowly, very slowly, reading the [community profile] bigbangblackout stories. There are so many wonderful ones there. Don't forget to go and check out the archive. There is such a variety and people worked so very hard. I have had a sum total of about an hour to read over the last week, so have failed at making much headway through the list!

Oooh, did I mention that I was invited to join Daily Deviant? How cool (and sort of terrifying) is that?? That means I have added two to the fic deadlines about which I am currently fretting. It also means that it has become a good thing that two of my upcoming assignments will not be porn. I'll need to save up.

And finally, [profile] elizassecret:


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