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This was my contribution to the [profile] charlieficathon, a delightful fest that featured all Charlie, all the time. If you didn't check it out, you really should. I don't think I had written something where infidelity was the theme as much as it was a vehicle for the theme before, so this was new for me. I'm kind of fond of this one, tbh, so I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much to everyone who already read and left lovely comments and rec'd it.

Title: Pepper and Plum In the Dead of Winter
Author: [personal profile] mindabbles
Recipient: [profile] westwardlee
Pairing(s): Charlie/Viktor
Word Count: 7,900
Rating: R
Summary: It's a physical pull, an ache, looking at him and knowing what it is like to be held against that chest, to have those arms about you, and yet to watch him stand a room and a world away.
Warnings: Infidelity and the accompanying angst
A/N: Thank you, [profile] westwardlee for the wonderful prompts. I really hope you enjoy this. Thank you to [personal profile] luvscharlie for running this fest and giving Charlie the love he is due. Tremendous thanks to [profile] elizassecret for nudging me to this pairing of all the fabulous ones in the request and for helping to give the story shape, and also to [personal profile] magnetic_pole and [profile] gryffindor_j for the super quick, thorough beta work.

Originally posted HERE, feedback is welcome and treasured either here or there.

Snow falls thick and fast, obscuring the small buildings of the dragon keepers' camp. )
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FIC: There's Something About A Malfoy, NC-17
Finally reposting:

Title: There's Something About A Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Scorpius, Charlie/Draco
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Charlie has no room in his drawers for anyone else's skivvies, Harry wallows in moral agony for a bit, Draco wants to rebuild his life, and Scorpius just wants Harry to stop being an idiot. And there's something wicked in the forest. If they're going to stop it, they're all going to have to work together.
Warnings: Rimming and other sexual activities.
Word Count: 27,500 give or take.

Author's Notes: Written for [profile] trubblecleff at the 2009 [community profile] hp_springsmut fest. [profile] trubblecleff's request was fabulous and included: banter, rimming, and Draco as a redeemed friend; and prompts of Aurors and teacher/student. Two of Charlie's bits of relationship advice were shamelessly stolen from Dan Savage at Savage Love.

Thanks to [profile] midnitemaraud_r for the amazing job running the fest. Thank you so much to [profile] elizassecret for listening to me agonize over parts of this for ages and the thorough beta; and to [personal profile] la_dissonance for the speedy-quick final beta and helping me remove some of the bits that were soppy even for me.

This was such, such fun. I am still blown-away and so grateful for all the wonderful comments and recs this received when it was first posted. Thank you to everyone for that. :D

Originally posted: HERE

An Issue With One Of The Trainees )
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I started working on updating the much neglected masterlist and I realized that I never posted this here. So....

Title: A Preference for Dragons
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mindabbles
Prompt: # 157 at Phoenix Flies on IJ: The Minister realises the post as Minister comes with a lot of benefits: one of them is the hordes of witches who are interested in the good-looking former Auror. Only the young witches don't hold Kingsley's interest, not since [insert older-than-Trio male] seems to have taken an interest in what Kingsley is doing. (suggested by [livejournal.com profile] snapelike)
Pairing/Characters: Kingsley/Charlie, Bill, Fleur
Rating: R
Word Count: approx. 5,500
Summary: Kingsley is a powerful man, a competent Minister, but somewhere along the line, he’s lost a part of himself to his position. He finds a sanctuary in his friends’ home; a sanctuary where he may just be safe enough to find himself again and fall in love.
Warnings: None. This is essentially a sweet romance with a bit of hands down the pants, and some very light social commentary.
Author's Note: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] sec38 and [livejournal.com profile] angela_snape for their wonderful beta work, and again to [livejournal.com profile] sec38 for her encouragement when I literally lost it, and for the words for the summary. 

When he glanced up again, he found twinkling brown eyes still trained on him. Then it hit him: it wasn’t just the food and the wine and the loneliness. He was being chatted up.  ) 
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My submission for [profile] phoenix_flies was posted today. It's my first attempt at Kingsley, Charlie, and Kingsley/Charlie. I enjoyed them quite a lot!

It's, you know, romance with a little bit of smut, and a stab at something a bit more substantial. Perhaps someday, I'll write something else.

When he glanced up again, he found twinkling brown eyes still trained on him. Then it hit him: it wasn’t just the food and the wine and the loneliness. He was being chatted up.

(link to ij)
A Preference for Dragons


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