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My submission for [profile] phoenix_flies was posted today. It's my first attempt at Kingsley, Charlie, and Kingsley/Charlie. I enjoyed them quite a lot!

It's, you know, romance with a little bit of smut, and a stab at something a bit more substantial. Perhaps someday, I'll write something else.

When he glanced up again, he found twinkling brown eyes still trained on him. Then it hit him: it wasn’t just the food and the wine and the loneliness. He was being chatted up.

(link to ij)
A Preference for Dragons
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The lovely [profile] buckle_berry hosted a Valentine's Day card-a-thon and I was very happy to get [personal profile] magnetic_poleas my giftee, who asked for Remus/Sirius, Remus/Severus, or Fleur/Tonks. In the interest of not being quite so predictable (and because they're so pretty), I wrote:

No Decison at All
Fleur/Tonks, with some implied Remus/Severus (ETA: oh, and I guess it has a side of Remus/Tonks too. How ridiculous am I, that I didn't think to mention that?)
Rated PG-13
Thanks to [personal profile] such_heights and [profile] sec38 for correcting my commas and such. And thank you so much to [profile] buckle_berry for hosting the card-a-thon and doing such a fabulous job with it.

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I had great fun participating in [community profile] reversathon 2007. One of the aspects of it that was the most fun was working with the wonderful women who provided me with beta help. So, in appreciation, I have Four Ficlets of Thanks:

Four Pegs Down for [personal profile] such_heights
Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Rated G, no DH spoilers

A Little More Like It for [profile] buckle_berry
Remus/Tonks, Bill/Fleur, Remus/Bill, Tonks/Fleur, rated PG-13 or R if you squint, DH spoilers
The Hardest Part for [personal profile] elsane
Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, Rated G, DH spoliers
Tell Me What I Need to Hear for [profile] sec38
Remus/Sirius, James, Peter, Rated PG-13 (R for language?), no DH spoilers


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