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Is it February? *scratches head* Well, I suppose I should start reposting my holiday fics. I had the pleasure of writing two for pinch hitters at [profile] rs_small_gifts. I love that fest because it makes me write r/s again, because it is low stress and fun, and because my co-mods [personal profile] magnetic_pole and [personal profile] sambethe are fabulous. I wrote one first war angsty and one old-fashioned fluffy. This is the fluff:

Title: Fine Art
Author: [personal profile] mindabbles
Recipient: [profile] snow_blossoms
Rating: PG
Highlight for Warnings: *a hint of voyeurism-lite*
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: Sometimes all you have to do is ask.
Author's notes: [profile] snow_blossoms, thank you so much for writing such a lovely pinch hit. I hope you enjoy this little thank you gift. Happy New Year and thank you from the smallgiftsmods. :) Thanks so much to [personal profile] magnetic_pole for the beta help.

Fine Art )
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As anyone around here has probably seen, [livejournal.com profile] rs_small_gifts is a wrap. It was great fun to help moderate it with the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_pole and [livejournal.com profile] sambethe. The master list is up and you really should check it out if you haven't—there is much fun to be had.

I ended up writing three things. The first two listed below were supposed to be drabbles—to thank the fabulous pinch hitters. However I am apparently unable to be concise, so they are 2,500 and 1,100 words. The third is my original assignment (also about 2K over the length guideline, sheesh) and is my very first raising Harry AU.

No Denying It for [livejournal.com profile] midnitemaraud_r
Sirius searches for something to lift the mid-winter gloom, finding brightness and warmth in some expected and some not so expected places.(Rated PG)

Traditions Past, Traditions Present for [livejournal.com profile] rosivan
It is difficult being surrounded by idiots. (Rated PG-13)

Objects Of Sentimental Value, a gift for the [livejournal.com profile] rs_small_gifts community
Sirius had never accepted defeat, a quality that was as much as hindrance as a help, but this one time it just might work out for the best in the end. (Rated R)


On another note, I haven't managed anything like a year-end post. I feel as if I wrote a lot this year. I know I wrote more different characters and pairings, more femslash, and both more smut and more gen than in the past. Oh, and I wrote longer fics. Perhaps I can manage to post the remaining three fics I have yet to post here, finish Of Silver Light and Shadows, and update the master list. Perhaps.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2009 has started well for you all. It has for me. This week the kid and I: rode his scooter a lot (and I hit uneven pavement and flew over the handle bars); went hiking/rock scrambling and did not break anything; went ice skating for the first time and neither of us cracked our heads on the ice. Not bad.


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